Design Animated Infographics For PowerPoint

Animated Infographic Templates for PowerPoint can be used to instantly design infographic slides that can help present information using a novel approach. We previously covered a list of the Best Infographic Templates for PowerPoint, this time we will provide you with two templates that can help you design animated infographics for PowerPoint.

Animated Simple Design Jumpout PowerPoint Template

This is anĀ animated infographic template with slides that can be used for making individual infographics for PowerPoint, as well as sequential slides which reveal a complete infographic in the form of multiple slides.

Animated Simple Design Jumpout PowerPoint Template

The opening slide and other sample slides in this template can be customized via the Design tab in PowerPoint to replace the default color scheme. You can even adjust the theme coalor to reflect your company logo and branding.

Infographic slide with four boxes

While the slides are laid out for making a sequence of infographics using various layouts, you can choose to keep the slides that best match your criteria, replicate them and use them across your presentation. Moreover, you can use drag and drop to easily move slide objects according to need.

Infographic design for PowerPoint

The template also provides generic clipart that can be handy for making business themed presentations. This template is available in Widescreen and Standard format, including Mac and Windows versions of MS PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Simple Design Jumpout PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Simple Design Jumpout PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Infographic clipart

Animated Infographic Box PowerPoint Template

This template provides multiple colorful boxes in sample slides for making infographics. You can use existing placeholders or add your own image and textboxes to generate custom infographics with ease.

Animated infographic box PowerPoint template

The template contains more than a dozen sample infographic slides with highly customizable slide elements which can be dragged and dropped according to need to shuffle the given layouts.

Infographic maker slide

Like other Presenter Media templates, this template too has a plethora of icons and clipart images for making your own custom infographic designs.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Infographic Box PowerPoint Template

Infographic clipart for PowerPoint

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