Disadvantages Of Teaching With PPT (PowerPoint)

Because of the usefulness and versatility, PowerPoint has gained popularity and become a top brand of various presentation programs for institutions, individuals and organizations. It is indeed useful in making a presentation a successful one. In fact, this amazing presentation tool has a lot of advantages but like any other institutional tool, this software has some disadvantages that teachers and students must know and understand before making any investment of resources and money.

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Complete knowledge of various disadvantages of teaching with PPT (PowerPoint) will surely help teachers and students in making a wise decision whether they should use this presentation tool or not. Let us now discuss a few common disadvantages.

  • It is vital to know that if you are planning to give poetry recitations, commencement speeches or technical reports than PowerPoint is not the correct option to choose for your presentation because these types of presentations need in-depth information or details.
  • No doubt Power Point is a useful software but it also lacks flexibility. By making use of this program, you can format, create and edit items, however you would not be able to change anything from within the content that you are using or the format during your presentation.
  • Since, PowerPoint presentation tool gives you the liberty to use various graphics, animations, background pictures and visuals so it could possibly distract your audience and leave your audience unsatisfied. But because the primary purpose of giving a presentation is to take out the major details and message in front of the students, so you must know what to use and how much.
  • Although we have been talking about PowerPoint Presentation’s usefulness but again it also may affect the value of your actual report. Possibilities are that there could be a few students who may get lazy while you are giving presentation and they read text of your report as it is mentioned in the slides. Your audience may lose interest in what you are saying as slides are just the source to add some value into your presentation but it is a presenter who has to bring all the important information about the subject in front of the students.
  • You must be aware that a successful PowerPoint presentation has various requirements such as computer, electricity, speakers and some other so whether you are planning of giving presentation for a small, medium or large audience, you must note that breakdown in any of these sources may ruin your presentation completely.
  • Presentation slides contain too much details or information because of this reason the students may get confused about the actual message that has to be conveyed. They would lack the ability to understand what a teacher wants to say. To save your presentation and the hard work you have put in your presentation, you must put only the major information to retain the interest of your audience.

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Consider all the advantages and disadvantage of using power point presentation program and then make a good decision for your next presentation. Also see our compilation of the Best Presentation Software And Tools.

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