Create Custom Christmas Cards Using Templates With ImageChef

While there are a number of handy web services that provide the option to send e-cards, such e-cards are often not very customizable and only allow adding a small note and the name of the recipient. ImageChef is a web service which provides the option to customize readymade templates to create attractive images, which can be used in a number of ways, such as e-cards. In the wake of the holiday season, the ImageChef service has featured some attractive templates for Christmas. All content created using this service can be shared through a wide range of options such as via social media and email. You can also get an embed code and embed the created image to your blog. Personalized images created using ImageChef can also be used for a number of other purposes, including use in PowerPoint slides.


To create a custom image you can either select a featured template from the homepage or click Create to create image using the sketchpad feature, create a Facebook Timeline cover or utilize other image making options like Templates, Photo Frames or the Poetry Blender. Most of the available templates at ImageChef are free and can be used without signing up for an ImageChef account. If you don’t wish to create a new ImageChef account, you can also login via Facebook.

Create Image

Working With Templates

Hence, anyone can create a customized image with the help of professionally made templates containing high quality imagery. When customizing an image you can change the image color (e.g. make it Black and White) and add a custom message that is displayed within the image.

Personalise Image

The below screenshot shows how you can create personalized images using ImageChef templates. When you add a message or name for the selected template it embeds perfectly with the image as if it is a part of an actual photo.

Customized Image

Inserting Symbols

You can also insert a variety of standard, popular or user created symbols. Adding user created symbols requires the user to login with an ImageChef account.

Inserting Symbols

Sharing Options

After your image is complete, you can select the image size and share it using various sharing options. The sharing options allow you to share the image to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 and other services. Furthermore, you can send the image via email and get a sharing link or embed code to embed the image on your blog.

Sharing Options

Photo Frames

You can also use Photo Frame templates to upload images to create beautiful photo frames. Similarly, the Timeline Cover, Poetry Blender and Sketchpad options can be used to create personalized images which can be used in a variety of ways (e.g. as e-cards, blog images, picture messages, etc).

Photo Frames

While you can use ImageChef without an account, however, registered users can post their personalized image on TypePad and access to certain images which are only available for registered users. Furthermore, registered users can use ImageChef’s hosting service and link customized images to their blog. Alternatively you can download free Christmas PowerPoint templates and backgrounds.

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