Create Awesome E-learning Courses In MS PowerPoint With Articulate Studio Pro

Articulate Studio ‘09 Pro is a desktop application suite for creating e-learning presentations with MS PowerPoint. This software package contains the Articulate Video Encoder ‘09 software, along with other applications including Articulate Presenter ‘09, Articulate Engage ‘09 and Articulate Quizmaker ‘09. In this post we will show you how to create awesome e-learning courses in PowerPoint with the help of Articulate Studio, with our primary focus on Articulate Presenter ’09.

After the installation of Articulate Studio Pro, an extra tab is automatically added to Microsoft PowerPoint as an addin. This tab contains various options for creating e-learning courses including options from Articulate Presenter, Editor, Engage and Quizmaker. From the available options in this tab you can record narrations, add annotations, synchronize animations, import and edit audio, use the Quizmaker to add quizzes, and insert a number of objects to slides such as flash movies, attachments, web objects, learning games, etc.

For example, you can add a narration to explain the concepts presented in each slide (via Record Narration option). Alternatively, you can also import pre-recorded audio. Likewise, you can use Articular Engage option to add engaging content to your slides such as timelines, circles, diagrams, etc.

To insert player templates, presentation options and to edit slide properties, click the Tools menu. For example, you can add logos, insert playlists, as well as adjust quality and publishing options from Tools –> Presentation Options.

Once your e-learning tutorial is complete, you can preview or publish it from the Publish drop down menu within the Articulate tab in MS PowerPoint. For this example we have used one of our free globe PowerPoint Templates.

While Articulate Studio ‘09 Pro is quite a feature rich tool, it can be difficult to use for beginners and intermediate users and is therefore designed for professional users only. The Articulate Studio ‘09 Pro suite provides applications that are meant to supplement each other and they can be used in conjunction for creating, editing and finally publishing powerful e-learning tutorials. Articulate Studio ‘09 costs $1,398, however, you can also buy the Articulate Presenter for $699. Other products such as the Articulate Quizmkaer can be purchased for $599, whereas Articulate Engage costs $399.

You can learn more in the product purchase page and download Articulate Studio Pro

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