How to kick the habit: PowerPoint abuse

Megan Hustad introduced an article today in CNN Money where she covered about how to kick the habit on PowerPoint abuse.

How many people use PowerPoint? Accordingly to the report, Microsoft doesn’t track PowerPoint usage numbers but a spokesperson confirmed that Office is used by one billion people worldwide. From this assumption we can guess that there are millions of millions of presentations held every new day.

In an article for the New York Times, reporter Elisabeth Bumiller described military leaders’ dismay over how PowerPoint had infiltrated the war effort in Afghanistan. “PowerPoint makes us stupid,” said Gen. James N. Mattis of the Marine Corps. Others conveyed their impression that PowerPoint stifled discussion, discouraged questions, and generally conveyed less analysis, less persuasively, than the same content would if delivered orally. It also sucked up man-hours. According to the Times, when Company Command asked Lt. Sam Nuxoll what he did most of the day, Nuxoll responded, “Making PowerPoint slides.” He wasn’t kidding.

You can read the full article in PowerPoint abuse: How to kick the habit. Image from fortuneaskannie