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Create and Present Interactive Presentations with Polls using Hypersay

prepare for your presentation with hypersaid

Presenters are faced with many challenges to their presentations, the biggest of which is a distracted audience. It’s not hard to be distracted, however, because people today have such shorter attention spans and are distracted by their mobile phones, primarily. Therefore, presenters have to be extra creative, not only with their slideshows, but also with …

Create an Unforgettable Presentation with Slidebean

The biggest struggle people come across when creating a presentation is making it look beautiful. The team at is looking to solve exactly that with their presentation software; they’ve built an online tool that designs the slides automatically. Slidebean is a 500 Startups company founded in 2013 and is headquartered in New York City, …

Different Modes To Conduct A Business PowerPoint Presentation

Whatever type of business PowerPoint presentation you are delivering, everything you do involves selling. In a business, PowerPoint presentations are common occurrence. It is actually an exciting opportunity, but can be nerve-wracking as well.

Picture Accent List For Kinesthetic, Auditory And Visual Learners

Fact is, there are three different types of learners but fortunately, you can use different types of SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint to cater to their needs. For the Visual Learners, there are SmartArt graphics that weigh heavily on the graphics or images like the Continuous Picture List SmartArt, Horizontal Picture List, Picture Accent List and …