Animated Simple Squares Modern PowerPoint Template

In recent years flat design graphics have become the norm. From operating systems to websites and even PowerPoint presentations. This type of design is also known as modern design and provides a layout that is minimalist and highlights the most important parts of the content. Animated Simple Squares Modern PowerPoint Template with a minimalist, business themed presentation design.

Animated Modern Layouts

This animated template has default layout colors in light green, grey and white. The other consistent pattern in the template are squares. These squares present layouts where different types of content can be conveniently placed to ensure that the most essential aspects of your presentation can be highlighted. The slides load in animated form to add some visual appeal for the audience.

animated simple squares modern powerpoint template

Tiled Slide Designs

The tiled slide designs are similar to most modern interfaces, which provide a minimalist layout. This ensures that the slides don’t appear cramped and more content can be adjusted in fewer areas in the form of a tiled interface.

tiled slide designs

Tables, Lists and Timelines

The slides can be edited for making tables, lists, timelines and infographics. The generic slides come with the utility of editing via drag and drop. You can not only quickly create a professional looking slide deck by populating the slides but also make major changes to default layouts. The editability of the slide elements make the template ideal for modification for reuse for different presentation topics.

tiled timeline

Editable Slide Elements

There are also a few icons in the template that can help you emphasize certain parts of your topic. You can also replace them with your own custom images and clipart. Similarly, the slide elements can be edited individually in PowerPoint. You can change the size and color of slide objects to suit our branding needs.

sample icons and tiled layouts

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