Create A Presentation On The Go Using Your Apple Device!

Apple iPad is considered to be a perfect device for slideshow presentations that lets you get rid of carrying those bulky laptops for any business meeting. It offers you exceptional choices suitable for every kind of presentation.

Presentations on Apple devices

Here are a few applications that can help you to create a presentation on the go using your Apple device:


Keynote is one of the best and most trending applications that can help you to create an attractive presentation on the go. This application can now be downloaded for free for any of the iOS devices and it has helped Apple to remain competitive in the global market.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck provides one of the best and fastest ways to create an amazing presentation. It can also be downloaded for free on any iOS device and even assists you about the suitable images relevant to the text entered on every slide.


The application Prezi was nominated for 2013 Tabby Awards because of its efficiency and productivity. It is a perfect application that works absolutely like PowerPoint and can even zoom in and out of the content that provides a more powerful template for sharing ideas.


Showpad enables several capabilities for metric gathering and sales focused that lets you reach far away from the traditional slide shows. This application also has a feature with which you can take feedback from the users instantly and can even share your presentation via download link or even through email. This application can also be downloaded for free on any iOS device.

Slide Shark

This applicationis one of the most sought after choices exclusively for those who are looking for solutions that focus on business, particularly when it comes to presenting or viewing PowerPoint presentations on the iPad. Slide Shark was the winner of Tabby Awards and is absolutely proficient in handling PowerPoint presentations that are created on PC or Mac with high level of reliability.

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