Keynote: The Best Presentation App For iPad And iPhone

When it comes to presentation applications, Microsoft PowerPoint is known as the best option for creating presentations on PCs and even Windows based mobile devices. On the contrary, if you are an Apple user and require a reliable presentation app for your mobile device, then you must use Keynote. While it is quite a famous app among Apple users, some people can get driven away because of the $10 price tag. However, if you require making presentations on a regular basis and need a powerful presentation app for your iOS device, then the price is worth paying.

Create And Edit Presentations Using iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Keynote has been specially designed for Apple devices, which includes mobile iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. The application was initially built as a computer program for none other than the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. It was later released for commercial use and became the premium presentation software for Apple users. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from Keynote on mobile devices.

Keynote for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

Stylish Themes With Perfectly Coordinated Elements

Keynote provides everything from animated charts, transitions, attractive themes to support for full-screen view to help you present your presentation using a mobile device like iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The default themes come with perfectly coordinated elements like fonts, background colors and textures, with a wide range of handy layouts to help you make presentations with ease.

Keynote Themes

Get Amazing Presentation Quality Using Retina Display

It also offers the video mirroring option to help you present your work using the Presenter Display. The new version of Keynote comes with Retina display on “The New iPad”, which gives a more vibrant look to your presentations. Retina Display is basically a Liquid Crystal Display technology which is available in Apple products. Retina Display provides a high pixel density which ensures that the viewer’s eyes do not notice pixelation. This can help to greatly enhance the viewing experience of the audience who are presented with slides using an Apple device.

Retina Display

iCloud Support For Cloud Backup

While Microsoft has recently integrated SkyDrive for Office applications, this support has already been available in Keynote via iCloud. As Keynote works with iCloud, you can easily backup your presentations to save them to the cloud. This way you can create, edit and complete your presentations from any Apple device. For example, if you started your presentation using a Mac computer, you can complete it with a mobile device like iPad when you are on the go.

Keynote with iCloud support

Add Animations And Transitions To Your Presentations

Using keynote you can also animate your slides and arrange objects using drag and drop functionality. The Magic Move feature automatically animates objects across various slides, whereas you can choose between 20 slide transitions to make your presentations more attractive.

Magic Move on Keynote

Keynote for iOS costs $9.99 and you can buy it for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device running iOS version 5.1 or later.

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