PowerPoint or Prezi

Prezi is a free online service that you can use to create presentations as you normally would make in PowerPoint but more interactive and with a nice zooming effect. Instead of slides, Prezi is completely based in the idea of a visual map and path.

prezi vs powerpoint

Then you can apply some path movements and changes to rotate the visual map and navigate to the next content. Here are some of the main differences of PowerPoint vs Prezi:

  • Prezi is more interactive. With Prezi you can keep clicking the mouse or a key on your keyword to view each part of the presentation.
  • Either in Prezi and PowerPoint you can insert videos, and any other media content in the presentation.
  • Instead of slides as in PowerPoint, in Prezi you have a visual map where you put the presentation content
  • The classic view of PowerPoint is not available in Prezi, although now you can import your PPT presentations into Prezi and convert PPT to Prezi file.
  • Both have the idea of templates, while you can download free PowerPoint templates for PowerPoint presentations, there are Prezi templates for Prezi.
This comparison chart from nspired is quite good. Here the author commented that during the initial excitement phase, many people sounded like they were ready throw out PowerPoint with the bath water. If you are considering which tool to use for your next presentation, it might be helpful to see how the features of these two compare. What are the key differences? The chart in this linked article from nspired has a good comparison tablet with the differences and comparison between Prezi and PowerPoint.


Another approach is to embed Prezi in PowerPoint. For this purpose, the guys of SlideDynamics have created a plugin that will allow you to embed Prezi presentations inside PowerPoint. Beside Prezi presentations, you can insert Web elements or Vimeo Videos in PowerPoint presentations using this Addin.