Create a PowerPoint Chart that Show Trends

Trends can help to visualize the big picture while looking at a 12-months sales chart or Year-to-Date chart  in accounting or financial PowerPoint presentations, but other sectors or topics of interest will also benefit from trends. In PowerPoint & Excel we can create charts and display trendlines as well as moving average lines by certain number of periods.

Once we have the chart inserted in the PowerPoint slide, we can right click to display the popup menu and click Add Trendline.

This option will display a new dialog box where you can configure the moving average line or trendline. The line will be added to the existing PowerPoint chart to show the trend. In a sales forecast chart this is very useful to see if the trend is positive or negative.

You can change the linear regression type used to display the trend. For example, the figure below shows a linear trend line instead of exponential. Besides these two options there are other regression types that you can choose: Logarithmic, Polynomial, Power, Moving Average by periods, Exponential, Linear.

Adding more than one trendline

You can combine different trendlines, for example if you want to use a different regression type. In order to add a secondary trend line to a PowerPoint chart, just right click and then click Add Trendline again. For example, in the figure below you can see a secondary trendline with using the linear regression and Forecast forward set to an additional Quarter showing the positive trend.

Adding a trend or moving average line to a chart in a PowerPoint slide following this procedure is very simple and can help you to prepare awesome forecast presentations with trend lines. You can also read the article from Microsoft Office showing how to add a trend line to a chart. The article Using Trendlines in PowerPoint 2010 can also be useful or alternatively you can download chart PowerPoint templates and free presentation designs.


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