Animated Darts & Target Practice Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Hitting the target is essential, be it in archery, darts or sales! The idea of achieving the target, whether it is in sports or business doesn’t necessarily need dull presentation slides filled with stats and strategic information. In fact, you can present your information using something as unique as animated templates with stick figures.

Bulls Eye Themed PowerPoint Templates And Clipart

Whether you are fond of playing darts, need a coaching template for archery, or wish to present your business strategies with the help of an interesting animated template with bull’s eye images, you might find the below mentioned PowerPoint Templates, video animations and clipart to be of use.

Target Practice powerPoint Template And Clipart

Target Practice PowerPoint Template

This is an Animated PowerPoint Template with a range of slides with animations and imagery about hitting the target. The template is highly customizable and generic, which makes it suitable for use in anything from business or academic to sports related presentations.

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Target Practice PowerPoint Template

Figure Shoots Arrows at Target (PowerPoint Template And Video Background)

If you would like to single out the video content of the above mentioned template, you can use this video background. It shows the animation in the first slide of the Target Practice template; in the form of a PowerPoint slide, FLV, WMV or QuickTime video file. You can download it in PPTX format or any of the aforementioned video formats, from the Presenter Media link given below. This video animation can be customized using PowerPoint or you can download the video version and manipulate it using a video editing software.

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Figure Shoot Arrows At Target Video Background

Target Accuracy (Animated Clipart)

This animated clipart shows a non-looping animation of arrows hitting the target. You can use it for presenting target oriented slides, e.g. with statistical figures and quarterly projections about reaching a sales target. Furthermore, you can even use this generic clipart for other types of target related presentation topics, be it about sports, education, politics or environmental challenges, organizational management, etc.

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Figure Shoot Arrows At Target Clipart

Figure Funnel On Bullseye (Clipart)

This static clipart shows a funnel on top of a bullseye, depicting an easy method of achieving desired goals. How you use this clipart for presenting this symbolism is entirely up to you, as there is enough room to be creative for making witty, thought provoking and attention grabbing slide.

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Funnel On Bullseye Clipart

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