Create a Funnel Diagram in PowerPoint using SmartArt

Recently we show you how to design a funnel diagram in PowerPoint using shapes, however there is an easier way to do this nice funnel diagram PowerPoint 2010 using SmartArt. SmartArt let you create a nice funnel diagram with a 3D Funnel style with a few clicks.

funnel diagram PowerPoint 2010 using SmartArt

In order to use Funnel Diagrams in SmartArt, you need to create a new SmartArt graphic and then insert the Funnel drawing or Funnel shape. You can find this funnel diagram option under the Relationship tab.

funnel diagram example

You can create funnel diagrams in PowerPoint and use them to show the filtering of information or how parts merge into a whole. Funnel diagrams are great for emphasizes the final outcome. In this SmartArt drawing for funnel diagram you can add up to four lines of Level 1 text; the last of these four Level 1 text lines appears below the funnel and the other lines  correspond to a circular shape. Unused text does not appear, but remains available if you switch layouts. There is a transparency in the funnel diagram so you can see the internal items in the image and read well.

Funnel diagrams using SmartArt can be added to your PowerPoint presentations and you can use the funnel diagrams in any PowerPoint file or PowerPoint template.

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Funnel PowerPoint Template for presentations

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