Cost of Sales Analysis Excel Template

As a business owner or manager involved in sales of products or services, you would know the crucial part a cost of sales analysis plays in your sales strategy and the whole sales process. A cost of sales analysis includes the costs that are directly attributed to the production of goods or supply of services that are to be sold by the company.


If you are tasked with creating a cost of sales analysis presentation, then you know you have it in the bag with this Cost of Sales Analysis Excel Template. This Excel template makes it easier for you to create a professional-looking analysis of sales costs, or cost of goods sold.

Create a Clear Cost of Sales Analysis

This template features an organized and professionally designed cost of sales tool worksheet that you can use whether you are into selling products or services. It contains designated areas for your company name and date, as well as a bar graph and table.

The Cost of Sales section features the graph, which is very visual and easily understandable. There are sample entries that can help give you a very good idea of what your own cost of sales analysis will look like. There’s figures and legends for Annual Cost of Sales and Gross Profits, so you know which sales item costs more compared to gross profit. The data in this graph is automatically updated as you update the Data Model section.


The Data Model table is also easily updatable, and there are simple instructions that can help guide you to get you started. The white cells in the table are areas that you can modify, while the gray cells are areas which already have ready-made formula so that the computations are already made for you.

Include Your Analysis in Reports and Presentations

In this Data Model table, you can fill out the information in the various columns, namely; Customer Name, Annual Total, Annual Cost, Gross Profit, and Cost of Sales.


Since this template is free, you can use and reuse this whenever you need to have a cost of sales analysis as part of your report or presentation. You can also upload this to your OneDrive account so you always have the template handy especially when you’re on the go.

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