Sunny Days PowerPoint Template

The sun is revitalizing. It represents life, warmth, positivity, vitality, and hope. If you want to channel these things to your own presentation, then you can use this Sunny Days PowerPoint Template that has a beautiful sun theme.


This Sunny Days PowerPoint Template has a bronze-like background with a smooth gradient effect. On one side of each template is an image of a bronze sun sculpture, which is on the upper left-hand corner of the slide. Under this are three more images, but are merely outlines of the bronze sculpture, to add variety and an interesting touch to the slides. The overall look is modern yet artistic while still allowing enough space for all your content to be easily readable.

This sun-themed template also concentrates the design on one side so you have few distractions. This way, you can insert your tables, text, graphs, charts, images, and other content right in the middle. You can also type in different text without compromising the attention of your audience.


Furthermore, this template also has a set of many different layouts that you can choose from. This ensures that whatever type of content you want to present, your every slide looks cohesive to your overall theme. You can even add personal touches by adding your company logo and slogan.

For short presentations, you can work with the 5 preset slides that already come with the template as you open it. You can also click on New Slide on the Home menu in the Ribbon to populate many other slide layouts. You can choose to duplicate, add, delete, and rearrange the slides depending on how you want your very own presentation to look.


This template is versatile enough to be used for business, organization, and personal needs. It can be used for proposals, trainings, manuals, seminars, brainstorming, digital scrapbooking, and even for photo albums of events.

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