Channel Marketing Budget Template For Excel

Channel marketing is a strategy used by large firms wherein they offer a wide array of products across a wide and diverse sales territory. In order to get the product from production, through distribution, and finally to the customers, strategic channel marketing is necessary in order to reduce costs and optimize profits.


TheĀ Channel Marketing Budget Template for Excel is a valuable template that you can instantly use for your channel marketing budget needs. This free Excel template will help you establish just how much your company needs to allocate for channel marketing on a monthly basis.

Set Your Marketing Budget

This Channel Marketing Budget Template already contains a preformatted worksheet that has a well-designed table for creating month-on-month budgets. The template’s table contains rows for various items for the channel marketing budget. This includes Anticipated Sales Total, Human Resources Cost, Commission, Personnel Total, Telemarketing, Training, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, Agent, Distributors, Retailers, Customer Acquisition, Other Expenses, and Total Marketing Budget.

You can also easily type into the given columns the monthly figures for each of the rows. You can change the month headers to specific months. There is also a yearly total that is automatically computed at the far end of the table. Alongside this is also sparklines that give you a good visual of the trends of the various line items in your channel marketing budget.


The way the table is made also makes it easy for you to embed this into your reports or presentations, so you don’t have to create new ones from scratch, which would take a lot of time.


Overall, this free Excel template is all you need for budgeting and reporting for your channel marketing ventures.

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