Free Project Budget Template For Excel 2013

Much like in your personal life or in your household, a budget for your company projects ensures that resources are allocated well and spent specifically and only for the project. If you do not have a budget, you will end up losing money one way or another, or worse, your project may not be even completed.

Create a Comprehensive Project Budget

The Free Project Budget Template for Excel 2013 helps you create a roadmap of your project’s expenses and to foresee any other instances that you need to spend on. With this budget template, you can set your budget and put it against your actual expenditures.

This project budget template contains four worksheet tabs all dedicated to helping you create a budget and ensure that you stick with it as you progress through your project. From Project Design to Project Delivery, you can be sure that your resources are within your allocated budget and plan.

Ensure that Your Project Resources are Spent Well

The first tab is the Source of Project Cost which contains the project tasks for every phase of the project. It also contains the various costs for each project: labor hours, labor cost, material cost, travel cost, other cost, and total costs per task. The second tab is the Expenditure Over Time. Here, you can see the costs, dates, and expenditure reasons for each task in each project phase: Installation, Planning, Construction, and Test and Delivery. The costs are then summed up as Project Total.

Show a Visual Representation of Your Project Costs and Budget

Meanwhile, the third tab shows the Cumulative Project Costs, which shows a visual representation of Projected Costs against Actual Costs. You can see how your expenditures are going and are stacking up against your project budget for every month of the project. This data come from the fourth worksheet, which is the Project Data Worksheet. Here, there is one table that shows the months and projected monthly cost, actual monthly cost, projected cumulative cost, and actual cumulative cost.

Simply Type in the Required Data to Complete Your Own Project Budget

This data are all carefully displayed through formula, links, and pivot tables so it will be convenient for all users to input and view their project budget data.

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