How To Add Math Expressions And Equations in PowerPoint 2013

Adding complicated equations in PowerPoint is easier than you might think. While some presenters may opt for static images or layouts which may seem less than perfect to present equations, however, that may also end up ruining the presentation. In this post we will show you how to add math expressions and equations in PowerPoint …

How To Compress Pictures in PowerPoint 2013 To Reduce Presentation File Size

One may often require reducing the file size of a PowerPoint presentation before emailing it or to ensure that there are no lags or hangs caused due to a heavy presentation file. in fact, if your file size is too heavy, the presentation might even crash, which can lead to a lot of embarrassment.

Use The Origami Effect To Perfect Your PowerPoint Presentations

Origami in many ways is a unique and perfect mode of expression, where a small piece of paper is folded to create something wonderful. However, as we are moving away from the use of paper in favor of electronic screens (I still like paper more), you can bring the Origami effect to your presentations by …

Free PowerPoint Addin to Convert PowerPoint Slides into JPG Images

Converting PowerPoint presentations to JPG images is very easy in PowerPoint, you just need to save the presentation file as JPG. However we have been working in a simple addin that let us export PowerPoint presentations with a few clicks only and made us save hours of work while publishing free Power Point templates here. FPPT …

How To Apply Page Turn Effect in PowerPoint Presentations

When switching slides with a transition effect that resonates with the topic of a PowerPoint presentation, the viewer can instantly be mesmerized by the way the slide switches. This not only adds novelty and style to a presentation but also prevent monotony and boredom.

PowerPoint Transition Effects For Making Effective Introductory Slides

If you can successfully create an attention grabbing introductory slide, you can be on your way to a successful presentation. Gaining attention in the first few slides is essential for any presenter. Failure to do so can make it extremely hard to maintain momentum for the presenter, as well as a bored audience. The few …

Best PowerPoint Transition Effects For Disaster Planning Presentations

Disaster planning presentations should not only be thorough in emphasizing upon essential tips, historical data and standard operating procedures but also need to be lively and attention grabbing. The last thing you need as a presenter is to have a sleeping audience, as the inability of your audience to concentrate on your presentation may result …

Switch PowerPoint Slides Using The Stylish Vortex Transition Effect

The Vortex Effect is among the most stylish transitions available in PowerPoint. Unlike the Honeycomb or Flash Transition Effect, the Vortex Effect is more generic in nature and can be suitably applied to a more diverse range of presentation topics.

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