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Mobile Slides: Create And Present Presentations From iPhone And iPad

Want a presentation tool that goes any place you go? Well, you may consider Mobile Slides which is a comprehensive solution for all your presentation requirements. Clearly a PowerPoint alternative for iOS users, this app offers users a quick web publishing function, Q&A session archiving and playback control.

How To Add Push Transition Effect in PowerPoint 2013

The Transitions tab in PowerPoint provides a number of handy transition effects that can be used to switch between slides in a stylish way. In a previous post we showed you the utility and method of using the Fade Transition effect in PowerPoint 2013. This time we will explore the Push Transition Effect.

Overview Of The Fade Transition Effect in PowerPoint 2013

Transition effects can add a lot of vigor to an ordinary static presentation. Instead of using the default method of switching between various slides, you can make your presentations look extra special by using transition effects. Let’s explore the Fade Transition Effect and its utility in PowerPoint 2013.

Create Video Presentations With Photos And Voice Over On iPad

Are you not enjoying creating presentations using PowerPoint? Do you wish to create video presentations with photos and voice over on iPad? Well, it’s time to use an iPad app that may be an ideal presentation maker for you. Now, you must be wondering how? Doodlecast Pro is an app that allows you to record …

SundayStar: Start Multiple Slideshows On The Same Monitor Simultaneously

SundayStar is a PowerPoint add-in by OfficeOne which supports multi-monitor configuration for presentations. With this add-in you can start multiple slide shows on the same monitor simultaneously, where each slide show can be played via a keyboard shortcut.

How To Create Mockups And Wireframes Using MS PowerPoint

When making mockups and wireframes many people underestimate the use of applications like PowerPoint, as its main purpose is considered to be for making presentations. However. PowerPoint can be used in a number of ways for creating wireframes, application UIs and mockups. Let’s explore some of the methods that you can use for creating mockups …

Volume Control in PowerPoint

Some sound files inserted in PowerPoint always play in full volume. This may occur regardless of the sound volume setting set by the user. Adjusting sound for such files can be quite a nuisance and there is barely any proper method of doing it with convenience. OfficeOne Volume Control is an add-in which provides easy …

Track The Navigation Of Your Slide Show With OfficeOne TrackShow

OfficeOne TrackShow is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint which makes it easier to track the navigation for your presentation slides. This add-in provides a browser like navigation structure for presentations, as you can move Back or Forward and see the History for your slideshows using keyboard shortcuts.

301 Mega Pack Provides Animated PowerPoint Diagram Templates

If you are looking for animated PowerPoint templates, you can always find some unique templates via Presenter Media or from our list of Free Animated PowerPoint Templates. However, if you are looking for animated business diagram templates for PowerPoint, then the 301 Mega PowerPoint Presentation Diagrams Pack by Presentation Process is also worth using.

PowerMockup: Cost Effective Tool For Making Website UI And Wireframes

One of the most cost effective tools for creating website UIs and wireframes is Microsoft PowerPoint. Many people underestimate the true potential of this application for creating UI designs or wireframes as it is generally considered more as a presentation tool. PowerMockup is an add-in that has been designed to help create mockups using PowerPoint. …