Create and Share Timelines Easily with Brevado

Making timelines can be a tedious job and very complex if you don’t have the right tools or need to make them manually. It is also often limited to just text or pictures. There are new modern and powerful web applications that let you create great looking timelines with less effort.

Brevado is an example of these web tools and online services that let you make interactive project timelines and include things such as file downloads, multimedia content and collaboration tools.

Brevado makes it really easy to follow along for everyone involved within your organization. The timelines you create with Brevado can be shared with a few clicks, enabling others to comment, add and edit milestones or steps along the way.

The user interface is really simple and intuitive because everything is laid out on a single page so there’s no need to go searching through tabs and links to find what you’re looking for.

There is a Client View which offers a cleaned up version of the timeline in a simplified and unique layout so information can be understood and absorbed immediately with hardly any explanation.

There are even public links available so you can copy and paste a special URL for others to get a view-only version of the timeline. This is great for providing transparency to the public or a large group of colleagues without requiring everyone to sign up.

Brevado offers a free version alongside it’s paid “unlimited” package which will allow for as many active timelines as you want. The unlimited package is currently $9/mo while they are in public beta. You can sign up for your free account at

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