How to Make PowerPoint Presentations Attractive

Last updated on September 4th, 2023

One of the most important part of making a presentation is to ensure that it is not dull and boring. While we can argue that one aspect that makes a presentation a hit or a miss is the presenter, it cannot be denied that a good presentation template, animations, clipart and videos can also make your presentations more engaging. Below is an overview of a few resources to help you easily create attractive presentations with the help of readymade templates, animations and presentation tools. How to make PowerPoint presentation attractive? In this article we present some recommendations that you can take to make your presentations more attractive.

Use Animated PowerPoint Templates

Idea #1: Using Animated templates from Presenter Media

One method of making your presentations more attractive and appealing is to use Animated PowerPoint Templates. While you can look for free sources that offer such templates, spending a little extra might also be worth it. Perhaps one of the best providers for animated Keynote and PowerPoint Templates is Presenter Media. At this website you can download anything from animated video backgrounds, to animated templates and clipart.

Example of magazine cover slide to help making the presentation more attractive.

Go to Presenter Media

Idea #2: Use PPT templates from website

While this is a relatively new website, it offers a nice collection of both static and animated templates for PowerPoint. There are new templates added to this website periodically and the number of static and animated templates are likely to increase further in the near future. Like Presenter Media, the templates at PPT Template are editable, which means that your added content will amalgamate with the animations automatically when the slide is played in slideshow mode.

Use Animated Cardiogram PPT template with animations to make your presentations more attractive.

Go to PPT Template

Idea #3: Editable HD Video Backgrounds

There are numerous websites that offer editable video backgrounds and PowerPoint Templates containing embedded video animations. You can download templates with video backgrounds at, Presenter Media and other sources online. For more details, refer to the link given below.

Example of Business Paperwork Falling Background design for PowerPoint

Go to Download HD Video Backgrounds for Presentations

Create Attractive Templates using Timelines from Timeline Creators

Timelines can be a very interesting method of turning ordinary dull presentations into easy to grasp timelines with relevant data. For this purpose you can download both readymade templates and timeline tools for making timeline presentations with ease. Refer to the below sources to download timeline creators.

Idea #4: Create professional timelines using Add-in for PowerPoint

While making timelines in PowerPoint from scratch can be quite laborious, this add-in makes it possible to create project timelines using a simple wizard. With the timeline makers you can create timelines in just 2 minutes.

Example of timeline slide created with a timeline maker tool
Example of timeline slide created with a timeline maker tool

Idea #5: Use XPlan to create a timeline on your Ipad

If you wish to create timeline presentations on iPad, then Xplan can help you get the job done. This is an easy to use iOS app which comes with a variety of tools to create timelines.


Go to XPlan for iPad (Review)

Idea #6: Timeline Toolkits (PowerPoint Templates)

You can also use readymade templates for PowerPoint to create timelines using graphics and animations. Below is a review of two such timeline creators, which are fully editable PowerPoint Templates.


Go to Timeline PowerPoint Templates (Review)

We have seen different ways we can make our presentations more attractive. With these resources and tips, you can make your next presentations shine.

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