Business Sales Training Template For PowerPoint

When you are involved in sales, you rely heavily on how much your company sells and if you can reach your quotas. This is why it is important to have well-trained sales staff. In fact, many companies even invest in sales training their employees. So if you are a manager or a trainer who trains new hires and employees, you would need a presentation that they can easily understand and learn from.


The Business Sales Training Template for PowerPoint is a free template that you can use for training your employees to sell your products or services more effectively. This template is free to download and use and is specially designed for sales training.

Effectively Train Your Sales Staff

This business sales training template contains 13 premade slides that each have different functions all contributing to an effective sales training presentation. Meanwhile, the theme is sleek, elegant, and versatile. It can even be used by many kinds of companies in different industries, because of its universal look.


It starts with a title slide with brown and blue shapes and a solid white border. Here, you can see the Sales Training title and the name of the presenter. The inside slides have the same geometric, minimalist theme, with beige and brown colors and still with the white border. Here, the different slides are for the Company Overview, Company Message, Competitors, Sales Process, Lead Generation, Sales Calls, Follow-Ups, Documentation, and many more.

Create Memorable Training Material

Depending on your own sales process, you can of course add more slides of your own. Just click on New Slide on the Home menu and from there you can even choose a wide variety of slide layouts to present your data in different ways.


If necessary, you can also add tables, charts, graphs, images, and even compare visual objects side by side with each other.

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