Business Organizational Heirarchy PowerPoint Template

Creating an organizational hierarchy is a must for every company, as this shows the chain of command and responsibility. However, it is not enough for you to just have an organizational hierarchy for your company, you have to also display this in your office or as presentation of your company profile.


The Business Organizational Hierarchy PowerPoint Template is a beautiful and professionally designed template that you can use for your organizational structure or for creating an organizational chart. This template features ready-made shapes that are put together with corresponding text placeholders for various positions and personnel within your organization.

This template, though professionally designed and highly versatile, is actually free and ready to use for all your organizational hierarchy needs. Whether your organization is big or small, you can use this template easily and tailor its size to your organization’s size as well.


This template contains shapes in layers, or shapes that are arranged on top of each other, to represent the various positions in the company or organization, starting with the higher position at the top. There are also labels for each of these tiers, as you can see in the example. Then, within each of these tiers are squares, each interconnected to each other to form a structure for the various personnel names corresponding to the title or position. Notice that there are placeholders for all these and you can just click on each one to edit and replace with your own company personnel names.

Furthermore, you can change the shapes, effects, and colors to suit your preference, especially if you want to represent your company brand in this hierarchy template. This makes it suitable for presentations, company profiles, or even as a print out. This way, your organizational hierarchy will always look great.


You can also upload your completed organizational hierarchy using this template to your OneDrive account. This way, you can easily retrieve, update, or share it to your colleagues or clients.

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