CalendarSpark: Create Printable Calendar With Personal Events

I can’t really remember the last time I bought a calendar. But that does not mean I don’t use one. Digital calendars are everywhere, ranging from your smartphones to your desktop computers or laptops. However, some people still like the old school paper calendars to keep track of major holidays and those important PowerPoint presentations. CalendarSpark is an awesome website where you can create printable calendars with personal events and stylish themes.


Setup Calendar with Your National Holidays

Once you visit CalendarSpark you will be given the option to start making a custom calendar. The first step of the calendar will enable you to optionally pick national holidays by country or you can also choose to follow International Holidays. Alternatively, select None to ensure that no National or International events are added to your calendar.

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Select national holiday

Select Religious Observances you Intend to Follow

You can pick one or more religious holidays to follow or select None to avoid adding any religious holidays on your calendar. Selecting multiple holidays might be useful for a number of reasons, such as to make sure you can remember to wish your friends and colleagues from different religious backgrounds on occasions special for them.

Select religious holiday

Pick a Colorful Theme to Generate Your Calendar

There are a number of colorful themes that you can pick to customize your calendar. This is the last step of the wizard and after this your calendar will be generated.

Select calendar theme

Add Custom Events to Your Calendar

After your calendar is generated, you can optionally add custom events, such as birthdays of your loved ones, your wedding anniversary, family party’s and get togethers, etc. You can add events with a subject, label, location, time duration and note. You can also set the event to be repeated as required.

Create calendar event

Print Your Custom Calendar with Your Personal Events

After your calendar is revealed you will get three options on the top right corner. These are as follows:

  • Create Event: This option can be used to add personal events to your calendar.
  • Print: This enables printing your calendar. Make sure your printer is set to print backgrounds so that you can print your calendar with the theme.
  • Customize: This option takes you back to the setup wizard so you can make changes to your calendar.

Print calendar generated at CalendarSpark

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