Business Letter Word Template

When you write a business letter, there should be a specific style and tone that makes it different from other types of letters. A business letter must be formal, brief and concise, as well as very professional. Aside from the text itself, the letter as a whole should look professional and best represent your company or organization.


The Business Letter Word Template is a simple, elegant, and professional business letter template that you can use for your company, whatever industry you belong in. This letter template will allow you to whip out beautiful and formal business letters to customers, clients, colleagues, managers, etc.

Create Beautiful Business Letters

This letter template is free, giving you plenty of savings compared to having to pay someone to create a letter template for you. It contains a color block style, with powder blue and light brick colors providing a sophisticated accent on your letter. Meanwhile, the font is in white and gray, with sans serif font which is modern and clean.

The template is also specially written and formatted for a business letter, with enough space for the company name and address provided at the very top of the letter. The date is in one orange block.


Follow the Guides and Instructions

The inside address is provided, with the sender company address, recipient title, and recipient address. You can see this with the help of the text placeholders. Just click on each one and type in your own information.

The salutation follows, and you can just click on the placeholder to change the text. Then there’s the body of the letter, which already has sample text to give you a good idea of how your own business letter would look like. The sample text are in fact guides and tips on how you can use the template and compose your own business letter. It also shows how you can insert visuals that have coordinated looks and colors that match your theme.


You can always add your own company logo as a watermark or even as an insert within the document template.

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