[Infographic] Fun Ways Kids Can Learn to Code

The following infographic presents fun ways kids can learn to code. Children need to learn reading, writing, Maths, etc. but some new trends and computer science experts understand that Coding should be a “must learn” skill. This infographic summarizes some of the most fun ways kids can learn to code, either using toys, games or other ways for parent to help their children gain programming skills.

Fun Ways Kids Can Learn to Code Infographic
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Aside of good salaries once graduated and other benefits for developers and people who can code, coding teaches problem-solving skills and find innovative solutions to problems or it helps to build digital confidence and feel more empowered about technology.

KidsRuby, Scratch, Code.org, Move The Turtle, Hopscotch, Daisy the Dinosaur, Lightbot, ScratchJr, Primo, Robot Turtles, Dash, Code Monkey Island are some of these tools (free or non-free) that are reviewed in the infographic and these are valid choices for kids from Preschool/Kintergarden to Elementary School.

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