Build Windows And Web Form Applications With GoDiagram

GoDiagram is a diagram component that has been designed to help developers take advantage of the new features offered by Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET. It comes with support for Visual Studio 2012 and is implemented as a “managed code”. The evaluation kit of this product provides various guides for end users, as well as an API Reference Manual. GoDiagram comes with many basic graphical objects like polygons, text, images, rectangles, lines and ellipses. In other words, if you are looking for an application for building web or Windows forms, then GoDiagram might just be what you need.


Building Web Apps And Windows Applications Using GoDiagram

You can use GoDiagram Win using the.NET Framework. This application can be run on any Windows computer that has .NET framework run-time installed on it. Similarly, you can build web apps using GoDiagram for ASP.NET Web Forms. Such web applications will have the Go controls running on a server and the browser clients will require the.NET run-time installed. As this application offers pretty much the required tools for building web and Windows forms, you wouldn’t require creating mockups in other types of applications such as Visio, PowerPoint or Keynote.

Building Web Apps And Windows Applications Using GoDiagram

GoDiagram Sample Applications

GoDiagram provides the complete source code for as many as 30 WinForms and ASP.NET applications in both C# and Visual Basic. These include anything from Organizational Charts, Workflow diagrams, Planogram, Flowcharts to Fishbone, Function Chart and the like.

Winform Sample

GoDiagram Library

The GoDiagram library has predefined node classes which makes it easier for developers to build graphs and customize objects (e.g. by subclassing). You can also add new graphical objects to the existing framework and use Go Layout (an extension of GoDiagram) by providing automatic layout algorithms for your nodes in graphs.


GoDiagram Subgraphs

GoDiagram also supports Subgraphs. As subgraphs are user-collapsible nodes with graphs, you can expand or contract groups of nodes (e.g. TreeApps, constrain nodes within “swim lanes” or even rag and drop products onto different displays, like shelves and racks).

Sub Graphs

GoDiagram can be downloaded on a trial basis with complete support from the developer’s website. GoDiagram for “Internal Use” has a starting price of $1,350, whereas, “OEM Use” has a starting price of $2,795.

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