Free Website Proposal Template for Web Designers

Last updated on June 20th, 2023

If you are a website design freelancer or if you work for a software design agency then this free Website Proposal template can be useful to prepare a proposal for a potential client with the quote and work description.

You can use this free website proposal template to make a proposal for a client and describe the job you will be doing, the time frame for completion as well as detailed quote for website design plan, SEO plan, hosting services and budget required to complete the work. The free website proposal template for Word is also available to be downloaded as a PDF. Software firms and web design companies can use this proposal template to get approval from clients before they create online websites. This proposal template can be used by software firms and design agencies to get the approval from clients before you create online websites.

Inside the template you will find the following sections: Scope, Budget, Project Information, Timescale, About your Company, The Team, etc.

Download free website proposal template for Microsoft Word and in PDF format from – Alternatively you can download free PowerPoint presentation templates and backgrounds.


Since the template mentioned in this post is no longer available, you can check out these two alternatives Pandadoc’s Website Proposal Template and Proposify’s Website Proposal Template.

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