A Matter of Luck: 7 Services to Flip a Coin

Sometimes you want to flip a coin to make a quick decision, only to realize you have none. Be it because of the increased use of credit cards and digital payments or because you’re someone like me who always avoids keeping coins in the wallet, you can still flip a coin without one! Here are 7 services to flip a coin to leave a decision to fate using a digital device.

1. Google Flip

The easiest way to flip a coin using a digital device connected to the Internet is to use Google Search. We covered the topic in detail in a previous post where we showed you how to search to flip a coin using Google. You can simply type something like ‘flip a coin’ and Google automatically makes the decision for you. Be it ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’, you will immediately get a result. In fact, you can even type ‘head or tails’ to perform the coin flip.

Flip a coin using Google

2. Flip a Coin API

Flipacoinapi.com is a website where you can flip to get an instant result or use the API for the coin flip service using JSON, XML or plain text. Flip a Coin API is a simple service and does not guarantee randomness in its disclaimer. So, you can use it at your own risk.

Flip a coin API

3. Just Flip a Coin

Justflipacoin.com is another service you can use to make the coin flip virtually. The service also provides different colors for customizing the theme of the coin. What essentially makes it different from Google Flip is the choice of having more colorful flipping options.

Just flip a coin

4. Online Stopwatch: Flip a Coin

If you are looking to flip more than one coin, you can do this by going to flip a coin service by online stopwatch. Not only is the coin flip animation more visually pleasing but you can also go to Settings and flip from 1-100 coins with random results.

Online stopwatch flip a coin service

5. Flip a Coin for Android

Flip a Coin for Android is a free app which lets you do one simple thing, flip a coin. It has a rather minimalist interface with an easy option to swipe to flip a coin to get a random result.

Flip a coin for Android

6. Coin Flip Free for Android

Coin Flip Free is a free app for flipping a coin using an Android device. The app gives a number of coin options such as cent, dime, dollar, nickle and quarter.

Coinf flip free for Android

7. Coin Flip Plus for iOS

Coin Flip Plus is a free iOS app which lets you pick your favorite coin to make an important decision using an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch device. The app features coins from a number of countries including USA, UK, Germany, etc.

Coin flip plus for iPhone

If you go out looking for flip a coin services and apps, you will find a dime a dozen developers who have created everything from web and mobile apps to APIs for incorporating a coin flip service to your projects. We listed a few that you might find handy based on ease of use, interface and availability for your device. If you think we missed a good coin flip service, leave a comment below to tell us about it. Here we reviewed some of the best tools to flip a coin online. If coin flipping is not your style and you’re more of a dice person, see our post about Google Dice.

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