Create random slides in PowerPoint or add random numbers using VBA to PowerPoint slides. Under this category you can find articles on random text, numbers and graphics, for example to make random bitmap image online as an artwork for your presentation background.

How to Generate Random Numbers, Dates, and Booleans in Excel


You may not realize it, but it’s quite hard to generate a random number. However, there will be many situations when you need to do so, such as data analysis, for getting a random winner from a list or coming up with a password. Whatever your purpose is, you can generate random numbers as well …

Neo Ipsum Brings New Ipsums For PowerPoint, Word & Excel

select dmmy text

You might be aware of Lorem Ipsum, which is standard dummy text used in printing and various software which come with some form of sample text. Lorem Ipsum is essentially the scrambled version of 1st century Latin text, De finibus bonorum et malorum, which was written by the roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero. Neo Ipsum is an …

How to Insert Dummy Text in PowerPoint 2010

Adding dummy text could be useful for designers and presenters who are preparing a PowerPoint presentation template for their presentations but don’t have yet the final copy. Especially if you want to test different animations and transitions before having the final material or copy to your slides. We have seen how to add Lorem Ipsum text …