Create random slides in PowerPoint or add random numbers using VBA to PowerPoint slides. Under this category you can find articles on random text, numbers and graphics, for example to make random bitmap image online as an artwork for your presentation background.

A Matter of Luck: 7 Services to Flip a Coin

Coinf flip free for Android

Sometimes you want to flip a coin to make a quick decision, only to realize you have none. Be it because of the increased use of credit cards and digital payments or because you’re someone like me who always avoids keeping coins in the wallet, you can still flip a coin without one! Here are …

How to Insert Dummy Text in PowerPoint 2010

Adding dummy text could be useful for designers and presenters who are preparing a PowerPoint presentation template for their presentations but don’t have yet the final copy. Especially if you want to test different animations and transitions before having the final material or copy to your slides. We have seen how to add Lorem Ipsum text …