Best Shark Silhouettes for PowerPoint Presentations

While the earliest known sharks lived 420 million years ago, it was the Steven Spielberg classic that made sharks popular. But not mostly in a good way! Since then sharks have been one of the most famous fish in pop culture. Sharks as a theme have been associated with danger and even used as cute and cuddly mascots. Hence, sharks have also made their way to formal presentations; signifying risks, danger, strategy, etc. How so every you might be planning to use sharks in a presentation, you might want to check out our pick for the Best Shark Silhouettes for PowerPoint presentations.

Best Shark Silhouettes for PowerPoint Presentations

Animated Surrounded by Sharks Clipart

This animated shark clipart depicts a stick figure surrounded by sharks. This clipart can be great for presentations about risks, strategy, financial forecasts, cost-benefit analysis and other themes where you might want to discuss key issues on a lighter note.

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Animated Surrounded By Sharks

Pool of Sharks Clipart

This clipart shows a pool of sharks. You might want to use this clipart when you are discussing venturing into dangerous waters. Such as market expansion, working on a risky venture or undertaking a financial assessment for a project which might be clouded in uncertainty.

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Pool Of Sharks Clipart

Risky Challenge Sharks Clipart

This is another clipart which shows a stick figure amidst a group of sharks. The clipart depicts the individual trying to pass through the sharks by carefully making his move amidst a pool of sharks.

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Risky Challenge Sharks Clipart

Clever Goldfish Shark Clipart

Sometimes you need to beat your opponent with wits. This clipart perfectly projects this concept. The clipart depicts a goldfish posing as a shark to ward off predators.

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Clever Goldfish Shark Clipart

Shark Fin Clipart

this simple clipart depicts a shark fin. This can be symbolic for danger and you can creatively make use of this clipart in your slides with suitable captions.

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Shark Fin Clipart

Megalodon Silhouette Clipart

If you’re looking for something more down to earth, you can use this simple Megalodon silhouette clipart. You can also change the color of the clipart by making use of the options given on the developer’s website. Since Megalodon’s could grow as long as 18 meters in length, the term itself is associated with something large. Hence, this clipart can be used to discuss larger risks and challenges.

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Megalodon Silhouette

Whale Shark Silhouette Clipart

This is another clipart that you can use for discussing big challenges, risks, and threats. Or to simply make something interesting for a kindergarten class. Hence, this and the clipart images listed in this post can actually have a lot of uses. This clipart too comes with customization options from the product page.

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Whale Shark Silhouette

Tiger Shark Silhouette Clipart

This is another type of simple shark silhouette that can be used for presentations. Since tiger sharks have a reputation for being dangerous, with a wide food spectrum, you can use this clipart to interpret a multitude of challenges, problems and possible solutions.

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Tiger Shark Silhouette

The variety of shark silhouettes given above, as a presenter you can make use of the different types of sharks depicted and the interesting imagery that can be interpreted in a number of ways. We hope you find our list of best shark silhouettes useful for your next presentation. Happy hunting!

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