Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories

Do you plan on buying a Samsung Galaxy S6? If yes, you will be surprised to know that a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories can be used to have an enhanced user experience with Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Samsung galaxy S6 accessories

When choosing accessories for your phone, you need to check what models they are compatible with. Following are the best Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories that you can buy for your device. These accessories include recommended devices that you will be able to use when you get your S6 device, including Samsung specific accessories and general recommendations for people looking forward to getting their hands on Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.

Galaxy S6 Flip Wallet & Clear View Cover

The most important thing to be kept in mind before buying covers for your phone is that they should be of good quality. They should be able to withstand the wear and tear without causing any damage to the phone. The Flip Wallet and Clear view covers are the best cover accessories for S6 and come in a number of attractive colors.

The flip covers are leather looking soft covers with space for inserting a credit card. These covers automatically turn off the screen when they are closed and turn the device on when the flip is lifted.

Galaxy S6 flip wallet cover

The Clear view covers with their translucent view allow users to keep track of time, calls and alarms, as well as to receive and cancel calls, without even lifting the cover.

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Galaxy s view covers

Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Pad

This is one of the essential accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6. This wireless charging pad is a must have to keep your device charged on the go, without the hassle of getting it plugged in. The pad via its LED light indicates if your device is not properly placed on it.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charging pad

Wireless Headphones

Simply connect the wireless headphones via Bluetooth to your phone and keep them at a sensible distance from your phone & play your favorite music. These Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless headphones offer an improved quality of sound for your favorite songs. With the optimised EQ circuit, the headphones are able to retain the original sound, while cancelling exterior noise.

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Galaxy s6 wireless headphones

Samsung Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock

This is one of the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6. A car mount enables you to listen to your favorite music and watch video albums in a hassle free way. Moreover, it is an essential tool to use the GPS features of your Samsung Galaxy S6, allowing you to easily view the maps and follow directions to reach your target destination safely. This wireless car dock provides Qi Inductive wireless charging, adjustable cradle, GPS navigation, the utility to enjoy hands free phone calls and music controls; all that with a car charger that comes with the dock.

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Galaxy S6 car dock

Sport-Fit Armband for Galaxy S6

For sports enthusiasts who want to use their S6 device while exercising can use the Belkin Sport-Fit Armband. this armband can help you attach your phone to your arm, as well as to enjoy on the go music. This high-performance armband also acts as a phone protector, is comfortable to wear, with hand washable material.

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Galaxy S6 sports armband

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