Group Assignment To Do List Template For Excel Online

Ever had the problem of tracking group assignments, where you just can’t keep up with who was assigned what task and when is it due? The Group Assignment To Do List Template for Excel Online can help you track and update group assignment tasks, with the utility of online collaboration.

Collaborate Online to Keep Track of Group Tasks

All group assignment tasks can be conveniently update and sorted via Office Online. All that is required is to login with a Microsoft account to make use of this template. Once logged in, you can edit this template right from your browser and share it with other group members.

Group assignment to do list template for Excel


Prioritize Tasks

Tasks come labeled with different colors and you can add a task name, priority level, assigned resources, target date and status. Green marks completion of a task, whereas tasks in progress are labeled in Yellow. The tasks that are yet to be started appear in Red Color.

Prioritize group assignment tasks

Download for Offline Use

You may also download the template offline to use it on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. However, to collaborate online, you will require using this Excel Online Template via your Microsoft account. By default, templates accessed this way are saved to OneDrive.

Group assignment template for Excel

The template is customizable and customizations can be performed from both Excel Online and by downloading the template offline. You might also fine the Weekly Schedule Maker Template for Excel Online to be handy for managing your weekly academic schedules.

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