Animated Travel Lounge PowerPoint Template

If you are tired of using travel templates with the same old cliché images of tourists and airplanes, then it might be time to use a novel video animation for your presentations. Animated Travel Lounge PowerPoint Template is a unique travel themed presentation template with an editable animation available in PPTX format, which you can edit using various Ribbon Menu options from within PowerPoint.

Travel Lounge Template With Video Animation

This template for PowerPoint shows a man sitting in a travel lounge, waiting for this flight, where the screen before him shows a plane taking off. This animation can be downloaded in multiple formats, including PPTX (PowerPoint), FLV (Flash), WMV (Windows Media Video) and Apple’s QuickTime MOV format.1. Farshad

Animated travel lounge PowerPoint template

To adjust the duration of the video or to add your own changes, simply use the PowerPoint Video Tools. The template also has placeholders for adding your own title and subtitle. You can also add additional textboxes and/or image(s) to customize the template.

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Edit travel templte in PowerPoint

If you choose to download the video version of this template, it can be used in not only presentations but also other projects like making your own animated ads, blog posts, video presentations, etc. There are no restrictions on the video or PowerPoint version of this video background template and therefore, you can freely use it as per your liking.

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Travel video background template

Flight To South America Clipart

To add more color to your travel and tourism themed slides, you can use this static clipart depicting a plane, with the South American continent highlighted in red. This elegant clipart can be another good eye-catching resource to make your slides standout.

In case you would like a template with the world map, then check out the Animated ravel Time PowerPoint Template.

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Go to Presenter Media – Flight To South America Clipart

Flight to South America clipart

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