Slim Arrow Animated Timeline PowerPoint Template

Last updated on May 8th, 2024

If you want to make timelines using a flat design template which makes good use of white space, then we have just what you need. Slim Arrow Animated Timeline PowerPoint Template is a timeline template with a minimalist design with animated arrow layouts which are revealed upon mouse-click.

Slim arrow animated timeline PowerPoint template

Timeline Template with Signboard Arrow Animations

The arrows in this template are revealed like signboards in the form of nifty animations which reveal each part of the timeline systematically to make it easier for the presenter to present timelines. The timelines slides come with sample icons, text-boxes and movable objects which look like signboards. It is also worth mentioning here that the template also provides static versions of animated slides. Each slide is clearly labeled as ‘Static’ or ‘Animated’.

Arrow signboard animations

Customizable Arrow Slides

You can customize the slides using a number of methods. Not only are the colors of the template changeable but you can also rearrange slide elements and mix the existing content with your own additional images, icons and customizations for making new slide designs from sample layouts.

Other than timelines, you can also use the sample slides for asking questions or presenting slides with questions and solutions for the discussed issues.

Flat design with arrow animations

Change Template Colors

The template colors can be changed using the Variants menu via the Design tab. This can allow you to match the slides according to your company colors. Furthermore, you might want to change the default colors to make them more vibrant or use a color scheme which may go with your respective topic, such as perhaps green color for a presentation about the environment or climate change.

Change timeline colors

While customization isn’t difficult, you can also refer to the tooltips for getting some tips about how to customize your slides. Needless to say, these tooltips can be easily removed. These tooltips give ideas about how you can recolor and customize the slides to suit your needs.

Arrow timeline slide layout

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