10 Best Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

Top best Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint dashboards serve as an effective method to display important bits of information in an easy to understand layout. Dashboard layouts are particularly useful for displaying analytics, trends, target market, and maps. You can use Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint to create infographics, timelines, roadmaps, business diagrams, and to provide related information side by side to save space, make your presentations brief and to allow your audience to visually grasp related content with ease. Here is a list of 10 Best Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint Presentations.

1. Metro Dashboard Design for PowerPoint

Inspired by the Metro UI of contemporary Windows operating systems, this template provides tiled layouts in PowerPoint to help you easily present all kinds of data using fewer slides. The sample slides are designed like Modern UI apps and you can fill in your information by editing or replacing the given tiles to design your slides with a look as cohesive as the Windows Start Screen.

Metro UI dashboard design for presentations with editable content

2. Sales Manager Dashboard Template for PowerPoint

This is a sales driven dashboard template for PowerPoint. This template has slides for revealing revenue, cost, trends, cash flow diagrams and other types of financial information. You can use the given sample slides for revealing sales data, trends, information about an organization’s financial health, quarterly performance and the like. There is also an icons slide in the template with useful finance and sales related icons for designing your slides.

Sales Manager Dashboard Template for PowerPoint

3. Single Slide PowerPoint Dashboard with Map

As the name implies, this is a single slide template with a world map and sample charts for designing your slides. This single slide template might be useful for discussing demographics, market segments, product outreach, financial forecasts, etc.

4. Scorecard Dashboard PowerPoint Template

This data driven template can be used for presenting essential statistical information in the form of charts and for developing your own scorecard in the form of PowerPoint slides. If you’re looking for a simple dashboard template for PowerPoint for revealing data, trends and ratings, this is it.

5. Creative Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Want to get creative with your slides? Why not try a creative dashboard! This is a rating based template which can be used for giving a score or rating. Furthermore, you can also use the template for discussing key performance indicators (KPIs), data and trends by editing the various charts and rating indicators (gauges).

6. Flat Sales Dashboard Template for Presentations

This is another sales themed dashboard template for PowerPoint with slides that can help you reveal sales related data and discuss forecasts and trends. The slides provide enough scope to not only discuss existing sales data but also to mention anticipated sales and financial forecasts.

7. Timeline Template Material Dashboard for PowerPoint

Timelines make up for an essential part of many presentations, as they provide an overview for past or future events. This timeline template can be used for making timelines and infographics in the form of PowerPoint dashboards. What’s interesting about this template is that you can design slides that reveal the timeline as a slideshow in a precise order. As you proceed with your slides, you can highlight only one section of the timeline and make the rest less prominent. This can help you better focus on your specific part of the timeline as your present your content.

8. Blur Dashboard PowerPoint Template

This is a simple dashboard template with a single slide dashboard design. The single dashboard provides small charts, and diagrams with space for adding additional information as you deem fit. The blur design is quite visually pleasing amidst flat colored diagrams and charts, which makes the dashboard easier to understand for your audience.

9. Financial Savings Infographics PowerPoint Template

Financial trends and savings need to be projected in a way that is simple enough for the audience to understand. A manager from the finance department of an organization might find it hard to present complex financial information before say, board members. This is why the use of relevant images, and icons can be quite helpful.

This presentation template provides not only chart slides in a dashboard layout but also financial icons and infographic layouts to help present complex financial information before an audience that might not have a firm grasp on hardcore financial terminologies and concepts.

Financial savings infographics PowerPoint template

10. Admin Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Designed like a mobile app interface, this is a unique dashboard template for PowerPoint which can be used for presenting all kinds of information within useful tabs. You can use the tabbed interface to replace the sample content and add your own to present diverse set of related information in a stylish, modern layout.

Admin Dashboard PowerPoint Template

The dashboard templates for PowerPoint mentioned above can help you highlight important bits of your charts, data, analytics, trends and related information in small segments to help you make your presentations more organized and short. This can help you reach out to your audience in a more effective manner to ensure that you are able to cling on to their attention while presenting information that can be usually quite dull and boring.

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