Download Symbols For PowerPoint Presentations From The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a project aimed at building a global visual language using symbols. While there are many common topics for which a universal symbol is not available, “The Noun Project” provides symbols for such topics which can be universally used in various academic and professional projects.  While the basic aim of this project is to create a universal language made of symbols, the pictograms available on this website are also ideal for use in various projects including anything from PowerPoint presentations, websites, blogs, to creating symbol based stories and cyphers.

Search And Download Symbols

You can search and download symbols from The Noun Project website by either using the Search bar or by using the available symbols featured on the homepage.

Select a symbol

When a symbol is selected, you are presented with various symbols related to the topic. The below image shows a symbol representing a rabbit, along with other rabbit symbols similar to it. To download a symbol click the Download option, after which the pictogram will be downloaded as an SVG file.

Download Symbol

Save Symbols in Different Image Formats

The downloaded symbols can be converted to various image formats for use in your presentations and other types of projects. To convert an SVG file to PNG or BMP format, launch the file in a browser, right click the symbol, select Save Picture As and choose a desired image format.

Save SVG File as PNG or BMP

Upload Your Own Icons To Contribute To The Noun Project

You can also contribute to The Noun Project by uploading your own symbols. To submit symbols you can either sign up for a new account or login using your Facebook profile. Logged in users can also add symbols as Favorites, whereas there are numerous functionalities which will be made available soon including the option to Follow users and earn Rewards.

Upload Symbols

It is worth mentioning here that The Noun Project uses the Creative Commons licenses. This means that to waive the Attribution Requirement for certain symbols you will have to pay a small fee to the designer (CC), whereas other symbols can be used without any restrictions (CC O). Make sure that you check the license type before using a symbol from The Noun Project.

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