Banner Letters & Numbers Template For Word

If you’re the type who always likes to throw parties for yourself or for others, you may find it very tedious to look for party banners, especially when it’s crunch time before the event. Well, worry no more because this next template can help you with your banners.


The Banner Letters and Numbers Template for Word is a free template that you can use to create any banner for any event, whether it is game day or a wedding. The template allows you to easily create big, clear, and versatile letters on each page to put together and create any word, phrase, or greeting that you want for any event or occasion.

Create Banners for All Occasions

This free banner template suits any occasion and can allow you to create big, bold, easily readable banners for weddings, surprise parties, game days, anniversaries, Valentines’, school events, company openings, and even holidays. The template has a standard letter-sized paper with one big, bold letter, and you can print as many letters as you want, whether you want to create a banner filled with one word or even a long phrase.


Easily Customize to Suit Your Needs and Events

For customization, the template offers many options. You can change the font face or font style, make it bigger or smaller, change the font color or the background colors, effects, and images. To customize the background, go to the Design tab in the Ribbon for customization options available there. You can even insert an image to make the banner more personalized.

By applying one background and text design to the template, you can create multiple letters and number banners without much effort, as you can just change the characters in the template as you print them. This allows you endless designs and banners that you can use for any event.


You can also upload this to OneDrive so you have it on the cloud for easy retrieval and sharing.

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