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Last updated on December 26th, 2023

The PowerPoint Web App, (as the name suggests), is a web app by Microsoft to view and manage your presentations online. The advent of this online PowerPoint viewer meant that users finally had a viable alternative to Google Drive, which is known to ruin the look of uploaded PowerPoint files. It took Microsoft sometime to develop a good web app for viewing PowerPoint files but it has finally been worth it. If you are confused about how to use the PowerPoint Web App or are looking for a service which may not require a Microsoft account to view PowerPoint presentations, then here are some tips and instructions.

Viewing Presentations Using The PowerPoint Web App

You can view your PowerPoint presentations and other types of MS Office documents by using your Microsoft account. For example, you can view presentation from Microsoft SkyDrive by uploading them, via your Hotmail ( I.D. and by using a URL which might have been provided to you by someone who might have shared a PowerPoint file with you online.

PowerPoint Web App

View PowerPoint Files Directly From Your Email Address

If you have received a PowerPoint presentation at your Hotmail email address, you can click the View Online option to view the presentation. This will open your presentation using Microsoft SkyDrive.

View PowerPoint Presentations From Your Email

Save And View Presentations From PowerPoint To SkyDrive

You can also save presentations to SkyDrive for online viewing by using the new version of PowerPoint, (e.g. PowerPoint 2013).


View Presentations Directly From SkyDrive

Alternatively, you can upload a PowerPoint file to your SkyDrive account via browser to benefit from this online PowerPoint viewer by Microsoft.

View Presentations Using PowerPoint Web App

Editing Presentations Using The PowerPoint Web App

Using the Edit Presentation option from the PowerPoint Web App, you can edit your PowerPoint files online. It is worth mentioning here that we recommend using Internet Explorer for editing presentations online as other browsers like Chrome seem to be incapable of properly displaying file editing features for the PowerPoint Web App. During testing we were able to seamlessly edit PowerPoint presentations using Internet Explorer 9, however, the latest version of Chrome (version 26), failed to show editing features properly.

Edit PowerPoint Presentations Using PowerPoint Web App

Sharing Presentations Using The PowerPoint Web App

To instantly share a presentation online, open your PowerPoint file in the PowerPoint Web App and click Share. This will provide you with three options for sharing your presentations, i.e. via email, sharing link or by posting it to Facebook. When sharing a presentation you can either make it View Only, provide editing options to the viewer (can be useful for online collaboration) or make the presentation available publicly for everyone to see (instead of sharing it with specific people).

Share Presentation Using PowerPoint Web App

SlideOnline: Alternative Web App For Viewing And Sharing PowerPoint Presentations Online

While the PowerPoint Web App is a fine tool for viewing, editing and sharing PowerPoint presentations, it requires a Microsoft account and relies on SkyDrive. This might be inconvenient for people who don’t wish to sign up for a Microsoft I.D. and don’t have existing (Windows Live or Hotmail) accounts. Hence, you can use a viable alternative to the PowerPoint Web App known as SlideOnline.

Upload PowerPoint or PDF Files

This web service allows users to instantly upload and share their PowerPoint or PDF files as online presentations. These files are instantly uploaded and quickly rendered for online sharing.

Share PowerPoint Presentations Using SlideOnline

Add Title, Description And Select Category

Once a file has been uploaded you can add a title, description, tags and pick a category for the presentation. You can also choose to keep presentations Public or Private.


Share Presentations Online

Uploaded presentations can be shared using a URL, Embed code, via email and by using the given social media buttons. This means that SlideOnline provides more sharing options for PowerPoint presentations than the PowerPoint web app (such as an embed code).

Share Presentations Using SlideOnline

To see more details about this service, refer to the link given below.

Go to SlideOnline

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