Key Components for Preparing a Compensation Plan

When considering a job offer there are various things people look at to determine if the job offer is worth accepting. Once a job offer is received, an employee might look at the required hours of work, working environment, safety conditions at the workplace and the compensation plan. In this post we will provide you …

Get Live Stock Quotes in Excel with MarketXLS


Financial analysts and those involved in the stock market usually use Excel to manage and monitor their stock portfolios. In order to get stock quotes, they would often source data in Yahoo Finance, API, Google Finance, or MSN Money. This usually takes up a lot of time as it is. However, once you scraped the …

Free Balance Scale With Money Bags PowerPoint Template

To balance the scales, sometimes you need some cash! Be it quality advertisement for making your brand get noticed, or the need for R&D to stay ahead of competition. Free Balance Scale with Money Bags PowerPoint Template shows different illustrations of money bags tipping the scales in different directions.

Gold Money Stacks Video Animations For PowerPoint

Whenever there is any discussion about money or the economy, gold is a commonly featured image. Be it the stock market, financial standings of a business or economy, gold symbolically represents money. The gold money stacks video backgrounds listed below are perfect for presentations about business, finance and everything tied to money.

Best Stack Of Money Pictures & Templates For PowerPoint

Many business presentations in some way are often about money. Be it financial reports, marketing plans, project timelines or investor pitch decks. For a presentation related to business or financial matters, money illustrations can be quite useful. Here is a list of our recommendation for the Best Stack of Money Pictures & Templates for PowerPoint.

Animated Money Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Money is a central theme for many business presentations. Using a money themed template can be helpful in elaborating upon various concepts or making a presentation which can resonate with your audience; such as shareholders, board members, investors, etc. The Animated Money Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint that we have listed below can help you create …

Present Value Calculation Using Excel

In economics, determining the present value of an income stream is always important because it can help tell the future value of loans, funds, bonds, mortgages, and the like. This is because Present Value Calculation is not as complicated as it sounds. With the help of Excel, it can be easily calculated.

Currency Symbols PowerPoint Template


It’s been said that money makes the world go round. It is the language that breaks barriers because everyone understands money. So if you are creating a presentation and you want to not only get the attention of your audience but to make them better understand what you’re talking about, you can put money in …

Currency Converter Template For Excel


If you are involved in work or in business that deals with transacting with individuals from different parts of the globe, you would know that it can be frustrating to keep track of the different currencies. Having an international clientele requires you to have an updated and efficient currency converter so that you can accurately …

Best Currency PowerPoint Templates

Highlight the Value of Money with This Template

If you are in a financial services or consulting business, you would probably know the importance of presenting to clients and prospects certain financial facts and products. In these times, you would need to create a presentation that will both inform and convince them at the same time.