Automatically Design Slides Based on the Text You Enter with SlideBot

Last updated on June 12th, 2023

SlideBot is a presentation tool that makes it easier to design presentation slides. It’s easy to use and automates the process for designing your slide content by fetching appropriate pictures based on the text you add. This can help save you a lot of time in designing your slides, while getting automated suggestions for their design.

SlideBot - SlideBot UI Interface
SlideBot UI Interface

You can start off by signing up for a free account at SlideBot. If you’re opting for the 14-day trial version, you will require entering credit card information.

Sign up for SlideBot

Enter Text to Receive Design Suggestions

SlideBot is similar to the Designer feature in PowerPoint. This feature was released a while back for Office 365 for automating the design process by providing the end user with suggestions based on slide content. SlideBot pretty much does the same.

You will require entering text for your slides to proceed with designing your slides. In case you have a lot of text, simply keep typing it within the given box).

Enter Text to Design Slides

Get Design Suggestions Based on the Text Your Enter

You will receive design suggestions based on the text you enter, with the option to edit your slides according to need.

Select Image from SlideBot

Export Slides to PowerPoint, PDF or JPEG

You can choose to present slides from within SlideBot or export them to PowerPoint, PDF or JPEG. SlideBot also offers a non-editable version of PowerPoint that you can export your presentation to.

Export to PowerPoint, Image or PDF

Pros and Cons


SlideBot can help you design your slides quickly and easily by providing suggestions based on the text you enter. This might just save your hours of searching through google images or looking for images that are not watermarked.


SlideBot offers limited editing options for slides. You can basically edit the image and text but not make comprehensive changes like in the case of PowerPoint. For some people paying $19 for a service that offers limited options might not be worth it. However, you can always export your slides to PowerPoint and see if you would like to make additional changes.

SlideBot Suggested Images

If you need something quick and easy to help you design slides with attractive backgrounds, then you might find SlideBot useful. To see if SlideBot is worth your time and money, you might want to start off with a 14-day trial to test the service.

Go to SlideBot (Update 2023: Unfortunately, SlideBot is no longer available)

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