Animated Winter and Holiday Season PowerPoint Template

The holiday season comes at a time when the final quarter of the year is about to come to an end. So, before you head off to your holidays, you might need to prepare a presentation to provide an overview of the year that has passed and the forecasts for the future; with some nice graphics. In such a case you might be looking for an Animated Winter and Holiday Season PowerPoint Template.

Ice Eclipse & Falling Snowflakes

Ice Eclipse is a PowerPoint template which provides slides that can be used for presentations during the holiday season. It comes with slide designs that are suitable for Christmas, and the Holiday Season in general. Furthermore, you can also use these slides for the New Year or to depict the winter season. The template starts with the animation of falling snowflakes amidst a background of a frozen moon. Hence the name, Ice Eclipse.

Animated Winter and Holiday Season PowerPoint Template

Transform Sample Slides According to Various Topics

There are tooltips with instructions to help you modify the template. You can follow these simple instructions to customize the slides for transforming this presentation template according to any presentation topic.

Happy Holidays

Different Types of Winter, Christmas & Holiday Season Slides

The slides have been designed to be suitably used as a winter, Christmas or Holiday Season theme. You can also edit the titles to give the presentation slides a totally different direction.

Winter PowerPoint Template

Some of the slides come with beautiful winter themed frames. You can add your own pictures to these frames to create eye-catching presentations. This makes the template not only suitable for formal presentations but also for slideshows for household events that you might want to create for Christmas or the New Year.

Holiday Season Frames

Icon & Picture Library

There are also frames, and sample text that you can copy around your slides or add them to new slides that you create from scratch. Additionally, there are some shapes that you can use to add snowflakes and Holiday Season themed designs to slide layouts.

Sample Frames and Icons

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Ice Eclipse Template for PowerPoint

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