Animated Truck Infographics PowerPoint Template

Infographic templates for PowerPoint can help add some style to your presented data, as well as allow you to depict important information in easy to understand layouts. If you want to give your infographics some wheels, try the Animated Semi Truck infographics PowerPoint Template.

Infographics Template with Customizable Truck Layouts

This template contains truck layouts where one or more vehicles are shown rolling in, as the content of your presentation is revealed. The charts, graphs and infographic sample slides can be edited to add any type of content to mould the readymade animated slides.

Truck infographics PowerPoint template

Recolor, Resize and Rearrange Objects to Create Your Infographics

You can project trends by coloring portions of the sample charts and edit the text to add a description and other vital information. The sample chart shown below can be edited by recoloring the various boxes to create custom trend charts.

Infographic trends in PowerPoint

You can rearrange and resize objects according to need and also edit the chart layouts to enter your own trends. The below image is a good example of how you can also incorporate standard PowerPoint charts along with more unconventional chart types shown above.

Bar chart infographics

Innovative Truck Infographic Slides

The slides are quite unique with innovative sample designs that can help you create presentations with a fresh outlook. The image shown below is from a sample slide which reveals trucks on a road in a set sequence, with added text on the trucks. You can also recolor the trucks to differentiate them according to your requirements.

Truck infographics

Similarly, this is another good example of an interesting layout which can be used for making infographics. This animated slide depicts a truck with a globe and textboxes that can present various types of information.

Truck infographic with globe

Other than infographics, charts and graphs, you can also use this template for making more conventional presentations. This animated infographics template is available for all recent editions of PowerPoint.

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