Animated Technology Timeline PowerPoint Template

Some business and tech themed presentations require a basic background with simple graphics and layouts that can help emphasize key points associated with the presentation topic. A simple dark theme, with a flat design and animations makes Animated Tech Flow PowerPoint Template a great option for making technology and business-related presentations. This animated technology PowerPoint template provides slides suitable for making project roadmaps, timelines and infographics.

animated technology timeline powerpoint template

Many of the layouts in this template can be easily used for making timelines and infographics. You can replace sample images and use the instruction in the template to edit animated layouts.

technology template with black background

Sliding Timeline Slides

You can use this template for not only making timelines but also generic slides with text, images and company information. The timeline slide layouts are easy to edit and switch by sliding in view the next slide.

flow timeline

These timeline slides can also be extended for adding more connections to your timeline. You can create timelines for decades, years or months by simply editing the sample text to give your slides a narrative in line with your presentation.

extended timeline

Edit Objects to Customize Slides

The slides in this template can also be used for making lists or comparisons. The numbered layouts in particular can be quite handy for this very purpose. You can also select objects in the given slides to change them as per need. These are editable objects which make up the default slides and have been given in editable form to enhance customization options.

presentation flow

There are 12 slides in this template, each can be previewed from the product page. You can also download a range of animated templates for various presentation topics at PresenterMedia. Also see our reviews of some animated timeline templates for PowerPoint to get ideas regarding how to make your timelines more engaging.

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