Scales of Justice: Concept & Best PowerPoint Templates

You might be all too familiar with the scales of justice. The concept is often used as a symbol for law and order, justice and fairness. It represents the equality of justice for everyone in society regardless of their social status. Balancing one individual against another or the society in general. These scales are often accompanied by Lady Justice holding the scales. We have created a brief summary regarding the history of this concept, with a few suggested Scales of Justice PowerPoint Templates.

Concept Behind the Scales of Justice

Scales of justice represent Lady Justice, which is often depicted as holding the scales to measure the support and opposition for a case. This personification is also presented without Lady justice in the form of only the scales. Lady Justice is a symbol derived from ancient cultures including Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythologies. Its personification in the Greek mythology is in the form of the goddess Themis, which represents order, fairness, law, custom and natural order. Another close resemblance to the modern-day Lady Justice symbol is Dice, which is the goddess of justice and fair judgement.

Lady justice can also be found in other ancient cultures, including its roots in ancient Rome in the form of Justitia. This version of Lady Justice is often found to be holding a sword along with scales. She is also blindfolded, representing an unbiased decision based on fairness.

The concept of scales balancing justice can be traced as far as ancient Egypt, with depictions of scales to measure justice. The Egyptian mythology also provides a personification of truth and justice in the form of the goddess Maat. The concept of justice itself in this case was Maat. This concept can be later found in the Greek and Roman mythologies in the form of Themis, Dice and Justitia.

the scales of justice

Best Scales of Justice PowerPoint Templates

When depicting the scales of justice in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, you might be interested in using depictions suitable for the topic, with layouts that can be easily adjusted according to your presentation topic. You can use the free and premium Scales of Justice PowerPoint templates mentioned below to create presentations related to justice, law, fairness, order, history, etc.

Weight Scales PowerPoint Template

The Weight Scales PowerPoint Template shows different illustrations of scales in perfect balance, as well as scales tipped to the right and left. You can edit sample content to give a narrative to the given slides to suit your presentation topic. This is a premium template with useful clipart images and visually appealing illustrations which can make your slides more attention grabbing.

weight scales powerpoint template

Go to Download Weight Scales PowerPoint Template

Justice & Law Shapes for PowerPoint

If you want a template with justice and law related shapes, including scales, you can use this premium presentation template. There are a number of handy slides with space for sample text to enable you to edit slide elements to make your content more comprehensive. You can even label the book illustrations within slides to add a subliminal message for your audience.

justice and law shapes for powerpoint

Go to Download Justice & Law Shapes for PowerPoint

4-Step Unbalanced Scale PowerPoint Template

This template gives two illustrations of an unbalanced scale, with white and blue backgrounds. The template depicts scales that are out of balance, with four placeholders to describe each illustration. This template can be used for any topic related to scales, weights and measures, business decision making and the like.

4 step unbalanced scale powerpoint template

Go to Download 4-Step Unbalanced Scale PowerPoint Template

Seesaw Shape Diagrams for PowerPoint

Seesaw isn’t exactly the scales of justice however it is used in illustrations for depicting a concept similar to tipping scales. This template depicts seesaw shapes with items placed on either side. These are replaceable items in the form of clipart that you can change according to need.

seesaw shapes and diagrams for powerpoint

Go to Download Seesaw Shape Diagrams for PowerPoint

Animated Free Balance Shape for PowerPoint

This free slide deck provides illustrations of a hand holding weighing scales. The animated slides depict the weighing scale to tip as you proceed with your slides. This template can be an excellent resource for depicting scales of justice for topics related to not only law and order or justice but also business, finance, employee rights, etc.

free balance shape for powerpoint

Go to Download Animated Free Balance Shape for PowerPoint

Free Animated Tipping Scales PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template depicts a simple illustration of tipping scales with a white and grayish background. You can duplicate this slide or use it as a standalone slide in your presentation. You can create an attractive opening slide by adding text to the slide in this template.

free scales of justice powerpoint template

Go to Download Free Animated Tipping Scales PowerPoint Template

Human Resource Factors with Scales PowerPoint Template

This template provides slides related to human resource factors, with a few slides depicting tipping scales. You can also edit out the sample text to repurpose the tipping scale illustrations for other presentation topics.

Final Words

Scales of Justice and Lady Justice are ancient concepts that are now an integral part of modern culture. They represent justice, fairness, order, truth and in some way, hope. Using the templates suggested above you can make presentations which can help you depict the aforementioned and more! Scales are also a personification of weighing options, quality and finding the best way forward. Scales are for this reason also used in slides related to business, economic and financial models, as well as a range of other topics. For more PowerPoint templates depicting the scales of justice, refer to the link below.

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