Animated Stars That Smile PowerPoint Template

Sometimes, to cheer up your audience you need to add a smile to your slides. How about smiling stars? The Animated Stars that Smile PowerPoint Template comes with innovative slide designs depicting smiling stars and animated slides.

Smiling Neon Stars Design

The smiling neon stars design is prominent throughout this template. It can be related to the 4th of July celebrations or for other festive occasions. The background for the neon star themed slides comes in shades of blue, as well as a white background.

animated stars that smile powerpoint template

Novel Presentation Slides

The smile themed neon slide designs are quite novel, which makes them a good fit for making presentations which can be engaging and eye-catching. You can make use of the sample slide content by editing it according to need to adjust your own presentation content with the animated slides.

animated neon star design

Edit Neon Designs

There are placeholders and instructions within slides to make your job easy in terms of editing slides. Since objects can be selected individually, you can easily edit them or use them in your slides or even alter the entire slide design to suit your branding and presentation needs.

neon text

There are also slides which can be used for making a comparison, presenting facts sequentially or creating list slides. You can also insert your tables and charts to make use of available data to enhance sample slide designs.

neon comparison slide

Neon Alphabet and Numbers

There are two slides with neon symbols, alphabets and numbers, which can be handy for creating custom slide titles, subtitles and other types of presentation content. You can copy the high-quality numbers, symbols or alphabets individually.

neon alphabet

This festive presentation template can be downloaded from PresenterMedia with a wide variety of other animated presentation slides, clipart and video animations.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Stars That Smile PowerPoint Template

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