How To Orbit Your Slides in a PowerPoint Slide Show

What better way to present slides about the solar system than orbiting each slide across the monitor? The Orbit Transition Effect in PowerPoint is a good option for switching your slides in a unique manner, i.e. by switching to the next slide with the orbit effect.

PowerPoint Templates Suitable for Using The Orbit Transition Effect

While you can use this transition with any type of presentation topic or template design, however using templates related to planets, the galaxy, space, etc., can be quite suitable for this transition; like we used the Animated Solar System PowerPoint Template (as shown below). You can also see our collection of free Planet PowerPoint Templates and Free Space PowerPoint Templates.

Orbit Transition Effect

Orbit Transition Effect Video Demo

You can apply this effect from the Transitions tab in PowerPoint and pick a direction (Right, Left, Top or Bottom) from the Effect Options drop down menu. The below video demo shows the Orbit Transition Effect in action.

Other Effects Similar To The Orbit Transition

There are also a number of other transitions that you can use to give an orbit like effect in PowerPoint. Below are some suggested transitions that can help you give an orbit effect when switching between your slides.

Other Effects Similar To The Orbit Transition

Gallery Transition Effect

The Gallery Transition is quite similar to the orbit effect and can be suitably applied to give an illusion of orbiting slides when you switch between them. Like the Orbit Transition you can not only use this transition in presentation slides but also to create slide shows which may make objects (e.g. planets) appear to be orbiting.

Conveyor Transition Effect

This is another good transition for making slide shows and presentation slides which may appear to be in orbit. Check out the below video to see this transition in action.

Ferris Wheel Transition Effect

What better way to give an orbit like effect to your slide than to take your audience on a joy ride! The Ferris Wheel Transition can help you make your presentations more interesting by giving them the orbit effect.

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