Animated Solar System PowerPoint Template for Science & Astronomy Presentations

Here you can find an awesome solar system PowerPoint template that you can download from PresenterMedia with 15 unique slide designs optimized for science projects and presentations on astronomy. This animated solar system PowerPoint template contains unique animations designed for presentations on Solar System but you can also use it for renewable energy presentations or solar energy PPT presentations.

Planet PowerPoint Template

The solar system PPT template for Microsoft PowerPoint contains a unique animated solar system PowerPoint design with planets that are revolving around the sun. You can download this animated template for PowerPoint to make interactive planet presentations and slides. You can download this solar system planets template for PowerPoint if you need to teach what are the solar system planets and make presentations with facts about the solar system, how old the solar system is or show solar system pictures in a PowerPoint presentation. Also you can find solar system planet’s names like Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Mercury and Venus.

The solar system template also contains slide layouts prepared for different situations and slide needs. For example, you can use the Solar System Orbit slide layout to describe the planets

There are some slide layouts prepared to be used with PowerPoint graphics, symbols and other PowerPoint charts and illustrations. You can easily switch to use another layout in PowerPoint, but if you have any question you can read our article how to change PowerPoint layout.

You can also use the planet specific template and layouts to describe each planet in the solar system, including the Earth.

Earth PowerPoint template

Finally, this solar system template with dark background is great to make presentations on science projects and astronomy. You can also use this solar system and planet PowerPoint template to create presentations describing the planets, including Earth, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, but also for presentations on galaxy, cosmos, outer space, nature heliocentric or any other solar system PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively you can download other free solar system or solar energy PowerPoint templates as well as free astronomy PowerPoint templates.

>> Download PresenterMedia – Solar System PPT template

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