How to Change the Master Template in PowerPoint

Last updated on January 18th, 2024

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, templates can be really useful. Using templates will save your time though sometimes you also need to customize the templates to impress your audience during presentation. Simple customization includes changing the background and moving the text boxes to match the current background.

The slide design that is behind the scenes when you create a new slide and places the boxes in the slide design is also known as Master Template. Fortunately it can be changed by the user to match a desired design.

Edit Master Slide in PowerPoint

As described by Microsoft Help site, editing a Slide Master template is possible and easy to achieve. In Microsoft PowerPoint you just need to open the View tab and locate the Master Slide button. This will open a new set of slides known as Master slides.

Edit the Master Slide title in PowerPoint

For example, if you are going to change the Master Slide for Enterprise PowerPoint template, instead of your presentation slides, you’ll see a list of different slides for each format in PowerPoint such as main slide, slides with simple content, a slide containing two columns, and so on. Here you can move text boxes, change colors and also the font properties.

Once you are done changing the master slide, you need to click on View -> Normal to return back to your presentation content.

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