Animated Social Network PowerPoint Template

Social networking is a regular part of the daily lives of billions of people around the world. Social networks are important for people in different ways. For example, a digital marketing professional might see it as an opportunity for targeting a market segment, whereas a psychology student might want to understand the importance and effects of social networking on people’s daily lives. The Animated Social Network PowerPoint Template can be used for making presentations about social networks and social media.

Social Networking and Social Media Slide Designs

The template starts with a title slide with colorful silhouettes of people. The backdrop shows a network made up of lines and bubbles, representing connections. In the middle of the slide is space for adding a title to introduce your presentation.

The following slide shows the same characters in larger silhouettes and more visible speech bubbles. You can add text to these bubbles to create a slide that can help describe your presentation topic with the aid of symbolic characters.

Create Social Networking Related Infographic

This template is meant to not only depict social networking but social media in general. There are various slides with images of smartphones and tablets, along with clipart depicting networks and connections symbolically. You can also use the given slides to create social media related infographics.

Not only can you make use of the sample slides but also insert your own charts and images to create infographic slides with statistical data that can help support your point of view or research findings. Definitely, templates like this should be considered as one of the best presentation templates out there.

Useful Social Networking Icons

There are a plethora of useful icons across different slides. Slide no 15 even provides a complete range of social networking related icons. You can recolor and resize icons and use them in your slides by copying them from the clipart slide.

This social networking template for PowerPoint comes with 15 slides delivering content for making presentations, as well as two slides which offer illustrations to help you understand how to customize the sample slides.

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